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Ok well due to the huge downtimes i actually was bothered to finish this and so i present the first solid beta of my ST:O Crew Manager. If i see some interest it will be expanded upon, if not it will be left to rot in a dirty corner of my hard drive forever.

What you can do right now ::
  • Add a bridge officer and set skills
  • Create a ship, crew the ship with your bridge officers and see the skills available on that ship with that crew
  • Browse the ships by Hull class and assign your dream skills

More Coming soon (maybe)
  • skill descriptions
  • more features (search, filter, promote crewman)
  • updated controls/graphics.
  • ability to reprogram crew whilst viewing a ship

The details:
Its an Access 2007 application, if you dont have Access 2007 you can install the appropriate run time pack from Microsoft

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