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# 1 Any chance of this Dev's?
01-31-2010, 04:38 PM
The launch so-far hasn't gone too smoothly, and as the lifetime offer is now offically ran out, I was hoping you could consider those of us that couldn't make up their minds due to the last few days.

I was hoping that the price on the lifetime offer could stay where it is for a few more days, even if the borg player-toon options are taken away, so if and when you do get it sorted, some of us can commit.

I'm still interested in the lifetime offer, but I'd like to know how much extra it's going to cost when the price goes up as 180 odd quid when you have three kids and a wife(Can't decide which costs the most tbh.) is a lot already, too much more and I think I'm going to want to see some evidence of future plans and content.

Anyhow, it's a lovely little gem so-far, don't listen to the whiners who sound like they've never played a mmo at release before, I don't think you realised the ammount of people that wanted to "just have a look" and it's caught you off-guard, keep up the push and thank you (I'd say this regardless of the question above, I guess it's because I'm such a bloody nice guy=D)


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