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01-31-2010, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by Snugtug View Post
Stress tests are a common practice of Beta testing.
Thought I'd get your attention with this one ...

Seems theres a lot more than Servers being stress tested here ... more like Gamer Stress and Server Stress.

Not a good combination.

You can read on if you like, or not. But being a Buddhist Monk, I'm going to tell you where stress comes from.

Stress, in the Buddhist term is called Dukkha. A result of too much clinging, and craving. In this instance it is too much craving for what we want. There are seven things Buddha said was suffering (really stress, so Ill use Stress instead of the word suffering since they both mean the same thing). (1) Birth is stress, (2) sickness and oldage is stress, (3) death is stress, (4) sorrow, grief, lamentation (crying) and despair is stress, (5) association with the unpleasant is stress, (6) disassociation from the pleasant is stress, and (7) not getting what one wants is stress.

Looks to me like what everyone here is experiencing is numbers six and seven respectively. Obviously being separated from their game-time which happens to be pleasant is creating a lot of stress. And, obviously not getting what you want, which is to be in the game, is contributing and increasing the stress already acquired from being separated from your much-needed online time with the game.

Not getting what one wants always results in disappointments. Continuous disappointments results in impatience. Continued impatience results in anger. Continued anger results in hatred. And left unchecked, continued anger results in violence, killing, and extinction.

Ever wonder why people say "Breathe" when you stress out about certain things?

Most people just use that term without ever knowing or even wondering ... Why?

In Buddhism, examining and focusing on the breathing is the one single most important way to calm down. One directs their attention to their breathing to the point where everything else is not included in their thinking process. Only breathing in, and breathing out. One focuses their mind on the air entering and exiting the body, focuses on the point where air enters into and exits from the body. When the mind is focused in this way, they eventually become aware of nothing else but this, breathing in, breathing out ... Breathe ...

That's it ... Breathe ... Relax ... Breathe In ... Relax ... Breathe Out ... Relax ... Feel the air flowing in your nose ... Relax ... Feel the air flowing out your nose ... Relax ... Focus on this point where the air goes in ... Relax ... Focus on this point where the air goes out ... Relax ...

Nothing religious about that ...

It's all SELF AWARENESS ... Breathe In ... Relax ... Breathe Out ... Relax ...

The Servers will be up as soon as they can, but in the meantime you need to Relax ...

That's right ... you can do it ... Breathe In ... Relax ... Breathe Out ... Relax ... In ... Out ... Relax ...


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