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# 1 My opinion on STO
01-31-2010, 04:19 PM
First of all my post is NOT sarcastic. I want to express my feelings about the game, can't really find a thread about gameplay feelings, because of all the spam here.

What I like:
1. Space combat -> it's less complicated then SFC but I can't imagine that in MMO.
2. Bridge officers -> simply awesome.
3. Game stability -> you're keeping awesome work indeed. Compared to EVE which crashes with every major battle the game had no lag and no heavy issues. I could only dream of heads up like you're giving in EVE.
4. Exploration -> great way to make federation like feeling, I'm looking forward to expanding that system

What I dislike:
1. Ground combat -> maybe not exactly dislike.... it could be more complicated.
2. Lack of challenge in space combat -> it could be more hardcore, how about choosing difficulty when entering mission system?
3. Crafting system -> I can't find the info how much more till I can use better crafter...

What I would like to see:
1. Ability to play as Romulan -> pretty pls
2. Targeting a system in space combat
3. Damage to systems
4. Cover system in ground combat.
5. More explanation on what particular things do -> for example what is photonic theory? it should be described in the item descr.

So if someone wants to discuss this further you're welcome. Pls don't spam this topic, I would love to see content discussion and opinions here.

PS. Sorry for my English, I've been learning it for only a few years so far :-/
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# 2
01-31-2010, 05:05 PM
Well done, gladly some nice post.
I fully agree with your points.
Crafting in this game is a joke. I reached only level 9(since beta) in the first rank so maby i,m missing something. But we have recourses in this game. Why not let us make blueprints to craft things. Now its more enchanting then crafting. You need a crafting concept that let us make high end content(instead of crying for more new content, we need to make or own content with statics)) when you got more experience and the proper skills. You should need another proffession like a crafter.
Also repairs i,m missing. instead of a stupid deathpanalty you could use repairs as a kind of deathpanalty.
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# 3
01-31-2010, 05:09 PM
Nice post.

Space combat, I would like to see it be improved, but it is still fun

Ground combat, I got to tell you , I really like making my crew advace and set up crossfire chokeholds....however, I am looking forward to more....depth

Would really like to see more interaction with ship interior and outdoor landscapes

would be neat if one of your crew could get nailed by some ...thing in the landscape so you need to find him and help him....ok going on and on...

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