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# 1 I give Cryptic a B -
01-31-2010, 05:10 PM
I think it is naive to think that Cryptic didn't have some idea what they would need to kick this off. For the most part the type of instances in this game are at worst similar to games they have already made. I have no issues though with some bugs and some down time. I believe there is more down time than there should be. It appears that they are fully under equipped though and possibly under staffed. And THAT.. should have been anticipated . My guess is some internal politics put a new man in charge (that shouldn't have been) Either in development/logistics or some boardroom exec/lackey interfered.
Anyone trying to find out what demand there "MIGHT" be for this type of game could easily find out the the Star Trek community is huge. No secrets there. I strongly recommend you start talking to and listening to your "Techies" and Programmers.

I like the game in general. I am a Star Trek Game fan. I do expect it to get better than it is. For instance the sector space looks very amateurish and is clumsy. The Instances don't stand up to City of Hero's Quality (A Cryptic Game). in comparison it feels somewhat cartoonish. Even though this is all new stuff i would think that a good portion of the mechanics/logistics would familiar to Cryptic. I have to give Cryptic time to fine tune the finer points of appearance though. I am thrilled that they have taken on this adventure! I have talked to my fleet mates and they are all thrilled as well (Frustrated but Thrilled).

I have one simple recommendation though, only one. talk to players in game via chat about what they like and don't like and what they would like to see. too many games have been ruined by "Forum Junkies"who spend more time in the forums than in game

For those working hard to keep the game up and running I say thank you.

I give them a B - over all even though this post is a bit harsh. I give them credit for putting this all together. It is fun and we at the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix Fleet are rooting for you.


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