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# 1 some suggestions
01-31-2010, 05:32 PM
with all the down time I have had plenty of time to think of some suggestions....seriously a lot of time =p

1) I would love to have got Amazons package with the borg BO...but for some stupid reason I went with steam...Partly cause of a lack of advertising that I just didnt know the game was here and part I didnt know I would get diff items from other venders. This aside there was discussion that people MIGHT in the future be able to get some of these bonus' I for one Highly recommend this. I don't know about you but paying 100 bucks just to get the amazon Borg BO is just no where in my budget (after getting a 60 some dollar game and spending 240 on a lifer sub. we are looking at 300+ bucks, another 100 for just a Borg BO is too much, I would buy it later though, for less).

-However, I would be willing to get it later. Part of my first suggestion, Im getting to it...(I know, took me long enough) If you have a Life time subscription have the option to get either earlier or just the option (if not available otherwise) to get the Borg BO or the shuttle pet ect..

2) This waiting to log in business I find most irritating. Have you ever been to Disneyland? You can buy special tickets that let you go to the front of the line. I was thinking a life time membership would let us jump to the front...If this login problem isnt fixed right away, you could even sell subscriptions that give the same bonous of getting in front of the line with an added cost of say 5 bucks

Now I can see people reacting to this and saying Heck no!....but at the same time I usally only buy a 50-60 dollar game and not have to pay any more....ever. Paying another 240 bucks for a life time membership still feels odd...I mean I dont want to name names...but how many 50-60 dollar games are there that you dont have to pay a subscription fee for?

Yes I wanted to get borg cptn and yes I do want to play for like maybe 3 years, I mean I have played other online games (free ones) for 5 years so plannin on 3 doesn't sound too bad to me and I saw this as saving money in the long run. But on the other side of the same coin...Damn that is expensive to lay down at one time.

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