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Hi Guys, I've only tried Klingons now as I played Feds in CB/OB. I'm doing OK, though I'm still trying to find my place and deciding the skills I'll need for Carrier at the end. I've got the BOs I need, and have put on skills that I think I'll need/use, but I'm still not even 50% sure if there are better ones or if I should be doing something differently.

Basically at the moment I have a Lt Science BO, then an Ensign Engineer/Science/Tactical. I've read the different ships and look to be sticking to BoPs till the Carrier. I'm currently a Lt Commander. As I'm at work I can't tell you all of the abilities but will try to remember most of what my guys have:

Science BO (Lt) - Tachyon Beam I (Rank 9) | Tractor Beam II (Rank 9) | Sensor Jamming II | Gravity Well II
Tactical BO (Ensign) - Torpedo Spread I (Rank 9 I think) | The pattern cast on enemy | The pattern cast on teammate effecting enemy | Don't know
Engineer BO (Ensign) - Emergency Power to Shields I (Rank 9) | Emergency Power to Auxiliary II | Engineering Away Team | That eject warp core or whatever one
Science BO (Ensign) - Shield Transfer I (Rank 6) | Sensor Scrambling II | Don't remember.

I think the above is what I currently have. I am going for a bit of a tank/support role (though not sure if that is right with a carrier) and generally just want to disrupt the enemy and be able to sustain some enemy fire. Could anyone give me some feedback on this and offer any suggestions?

Thanks. Once I get home I'll look and will update what skills I have.

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