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I've been trying to log in since the middle of today and I haven't been able to do it as I keep getting, "Connection to the server tmed out."

I've heard that people here who got that message just "changed their proxies" but, as stupid as it sounds, I can't find that option.

One person said it was in the "Options" menu in the top-left (or top-right) hand corner, but my Options menu at the login screen is on the bottom-right.

Am I totally missing something here?

Thanks for any and all help provided!

EDIT: I found it. Open the "Star Trek Online" link that says, in the file descripion, "Cryptic Game Launcher" (but the file is actually named "Star Trek Online"), click he Options menu and there's the Proxy settig right there. I didn't think it would've been so easy. lol

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