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There are several important indicators that are not present in STO. I offer this feedback hopefully as a means for the devs to improve the game.

1) The skill trees offer very little explanation as to what they do practically. Yes, there are explanations, but for some reason, I am still left wondering "but should I put points there or ..." I did however find these posts helpful : Player Skills and How your Class Affects Gameplay.

2) Important Item stats are omitted: Things like cool down and energy consumption are not included in the mouse over tool tips for all items. How can we be expected to plan/strategize our preferred gameplay if we can not even make informed decisions regarding their cool downs, or how much of a toll they take on our energy reserves?

3) Speed A permanent speed display for myself and my enemies would be helpful. How else am I suppose to know how fast to go if I want to tail a slow moving target without over taking them?

Other people's concerns:
4) Shield Indicators - Whatever happened to knowing the percentages of our shields? We know that our shields have a certain amount of hit points, but we do not know just how much power/hit points gets transferred to a specific shield facing when we choose to divert power there. Without knowing percentages (numbers would be too much to fit) we don't know our timing in terms of survivability, and when are optimal opportunities/times for which we should transfer shield power, and to which shield should be given priority, especially if some are closer in health.

5) Specific Stats - Just how much does a stat affect an items performance? The percentage increases in power do not seem to match up either.

Anyone else have something they want me to add to this post?

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