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As an MMORPG first timer; Are these bugs, or fairly typical characteristics of an MMORPG?

While exploring the Delta Volanis Cluster; we can't contact mining base due to jamming, jumped by bad guys, defeated waves of bad guys, saved the mining base. Also collected artifacts in area. Rewarded for good work and returned to sector space. Yay. Since I spawned right in front of the same area to investigate, I accidentally re-entered the world/mission. To my surprise, the mining base was under a jamming signal again, the four artifacts were floating around again, and I was about to get jumped by the same bad guys again.

1) Is there a very relaxed sense of continuity in an MMORPG? ie: Is it normal for each of these missions to reset so quickly? When returning to the same place, I would have expected a new subsequent story, a new trading destination, or a dead-end "thanks again for your help" conversation with the NPC.

2) While fighting the bad guys in this mission, I tried to use the asteroid base as cover. Think: tiny island in a naval battle. They could shoot right through the asteroid, but I couldn't target them until I had clear LOS. Is there usually such relaxed collision detection in an MMORPG?

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