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There's a unique feature in this game in which you can't see your own team mates on the mini map or main map unless you're in a certain range, around 20 meters I believe. I find this a unique feature because usually in PVP your first instinct is to find your team mates and stick near them, needless to say this feature, combined with the fact you can't communicate privately with your own faction in chat, adds a unique degree of difficulty to this game.

Here I'll list some advantages of this unqiue new system:

1) Increase the chances of getting seperated from the flock by 100%
2) Increase the chances of being gang banged while trying to find your team mates by 100%
3) It makes it impossible to tell if you're the only person on your team, so you can't tell if people are still joining or not.
4) You can not exchange vital information with your team mates, such as "I see them near the center of the map" or "They're trying to blob together inside the cracked asteroid."
5) You can't give tips to your team mates, I.E. "Damn it Rodger, stop flying INFRONT of the birds of prey!"
6) Elimates that pesky problem most games have in which you can find and support your tanks and damage dealers. I really hate it in final fantasy XI when I'm with a group of players and we're all supporting eachother and demolishing enemies.
7) It makes PVP matches end a lot quicker when the enemy gangs up on someone who is trying to get back to the herd, thus getting free points
8) It enables the enemy to easily camp in one position, because when someone dies in a fight and respawn they tend to go back to where the fight is. It's really awkward when this happens and the player finds no friends, only enemies.
9) I was just saying to the woman I have tied up in my basement the other day that I'm still on the fence about buying a stress ball. Luckily I can now safely make an investment.

Or ya know you could just put in a /faction option. It'd be nice. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to program, because I assume in your source code you already have a variable that defines certain players as Klingon and Federation, so just program it so there's a chat command that only people marked as Klingon or marked as Federation can see. Heck I bet you can even have one of the computer geniuses on this forum whip that up for you.

Just sayin'.

Oh and before you ask I don't want to make a party when ever I enter a PVP arena why would I ever play an online game to be social.

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