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Wanted to share pics of my crew in detail - I posted in the other threads but I worked on my Squads uniforms and wanted everyone to get to see a detailed look at all the effort I put into my group! Perhaps I could even tempt a few of you into joining INFINITUS through the use of utter coolness. Anyway, without further adieu:


This is my own personal Number One, my tactical officer Terra zh'Rai:


This is her second in command, tactical officer Syr zh'Anyan:


This is my rough-around-the-edges engineer officer,Zeph th'Espian (he likes to carry around big guns):


Finally, this is my sweet science officer, Sun sh'Tauri. She would rather study and learn then fight, but she's ready for any situation and is an important part of the team:


Finally, this is a group shot of my entire Attack Squad, with me, Aslan ch'Shran at the head:



Hope you guys enjoy my pictures. I really am enjoying STO and having the most fun I've ever had in a MMORPG!

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