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02-01-2010, 03:22 AM
These people haven't tested it out in ground PVP much I bet.

You know every annoying person out there who either runs at the first hint of trouble, or tries to dodge behind cover to pop one of those heals that even tactical officers can't DPS past?

Put the Neural Blast attack on them, and watch them scream and cry over zone chat about how "OP" you are. It's easily one of the best quick ways to screw up someone who's not fighting fair in the early tiers since the hold is fairly random and it slows movement speed by alot.

Nothing says "stop relying on slightly overpowered skills to win" like getting held in the middle of a doorway that's being watched by five Federation players, half of which who have their secondary attacks ready.

It also really ruins the day of people who just try to spam melee attacks on you, since they can't move as fast, and get randomly held which messes up the flow of attacks.

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