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# 1 Any tips for my Borg Riker?
02-01-2010, 05:41 AM
Before you start going oh god why would you copy such an existing character blah blah, this guy actually has a backstory: just as shinzon was cloned by the romulans, Riker was cloned by the borg, but actually combined with borg tech. There are actually many more Riker borg clones but only this one got liberated. For now anyway.

So yeah, I tried to copy riker as much as I could with the char creator and added borg features. It's a bit difficult to get it right because the things that make jonathan Frakes Stand out are not available in the creator: the haircut, the portruding cranium, the portruding eyes and the long ears.. but yeah I tried to get it right.

Any tips to get it better?

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