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02-01-2010, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by shizaru
This is a minor problem, but I hope they plan on fixing it. The roving enemy signal contacts. I set course for wherever, go get a drink or use the bathroom and while I'm gone one of those stupid red blobs consumes my ship and I zone into the middle of a battle. Geezuz its like the first episode of Farscape.

It just happened this morning. I'm getting ready for work as I play, I set course for K7, thinking I'll log there. I bend down to tie my boot while the ship moves and blammo! I get sucked into the battle.

Why even bother with the clickable "talk to enemy signal contact"? I can't decline it so why even put it there? Is it too hard to just make it so a ship isn't zoned into it unless the player actually clicks yes?

Is there anything like it on the klingon side? Its irritating.
They are "wandering monsters" they are suppose to do that and I for one perfer it that way. Remember we are fighting a war with the klingons

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