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A couple of features I'd like to see added to the game...

Uniforms are basically pointless from what I've seen. You spend most of your time in a body armor suit and it looks absolutely nothing like the uniform you spent time/money on setting up. Couldn't the body armor be automatically tweaked to follow the uniform model you set up for you and your bridge crew? Or what's probably easiest, don't show body armor on your avatar's at all, just have their abilities as part of the stats.

I've been having a little trouble with making screen shots, especially when it comes to including the bridge crew. The are always facing some odd direction, too far apart, or some other effect that rather kills the group photo you're hoping for. If I flag a BO to stand at a particular location, the location icon appears on screen and remains even if the HUD display is turned off, can this be changed so it does't display if HUD is off also?

Would also love to see some more /emote commands to make things easier. Perhaps something like /groupphoto or /grouppose or something to get the officers to huddle up and all face the same direction as the Captain? Let's have even more fun by adding in some variations, perhaps adding a /grouppose 1-9 feature where option 1 one of the BO's uses bunny fingers behind someone, option 2 is a serious scene, option 3 is a human pyramid, etc... etc... Might be cool to somehow allow the player to assign poses for shots... etc. The Holodeck might be a great place to pick screenshot backgrounds. Anyways... some ideas to get things started.

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