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Seeing as 1.) Not all Klingon gameplay is PvP (and that the PvE fraction of Klingon gameplay will in time increase)

and as 2.) The only Klingon-specific forum currently consists of 90% PvP posts (which are balanced KvK and KvF, but will in time become mostly FvF, as FvF pvp is coming and F populations are currently far, far larger than K)

and as 3.) The vast, vast majority of posts on the only Klingon specific forum are posts by Federation players complaining about klingons...

It is almost impossible to discuss anything specific to Klingons under the weight of KvF is unbalanced forumspam. Discussions of PvE content? Questions about the fact that we have no skill relating to one of our Tier 5 ships? Confusion about the lack of all pve past level 20? None of this appears on the Klingon forum, because it is drown out by federation posts about tier 1 PvP.

Can we -please- have a Klingon-Specific Forum? Please?

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