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I just want to confirm if my eyes are telling me the truth...but I cant seem to use disruptors on my BoP within a certain range. Some where around 1-1.5km they seem to not fire.

Please tell me this isnt so...why make minimum firing range for these weapons? Torps should have minimum firing range...not energy/plasma weapons(ok plasma torps should too).

It is a bit of a gimp if this is true. This means Fed turtles need only slam on the brakes or close the range between us as fast as possible to severly limit our time of engagement with these critical weapons. They get to blast away the whole time with phasers, while we get stuck our of firing position.

Think about it, if this is true, we get gimped because our forward facing weapons design, we are constantly closing on the trarget...essentially constantly working toward the shut-down of our prime weapons. In order to minimize or stop this progression we have to flyat an angle that makes us unable to fire the weapons at all. Or we begin to engage the target as soon as possible at 10km, where half the shots are wasted. So we only get about 9km of engagement ranges, with only 5km of being worth anything...any attemptsto prolong our engagement time means we arent actually engaging since we have to maneuve the target out of our firing arc. We ended up wasting our potential.

If there is a minimum firning range, at least give the BoPs(and maybe the Raptors also) a range buff for cannons(perhaps a debuff for phasers and arrays). Allow us to engage with 45 degree arc(only) cannons from farther out(12-15km) and/or reduce the impact of distance to damage output for cannons.

If the Fed escorts have the same problem with thier cannons, then apply the same modification for them...but without(or a lesser) phaser or array debuffs.

Either way, it should be understood that the tin can BoP needs all the engagement time it can get. Yes it hits hard for its size, but it doesnt take hits well at all, it has no combat endurance or resiliency, the weapon's lay out intended for the BoP already severly deminsihes its engagement time with its best and role specific offensive attribute(the 45 deg arc cannon...think about it was built around this weapon type in mind) to half the time of any other class(except maybe the escort) in game.

We need more engagement time without resulting tutling(we wouldnt stand a chance) or Kaufman Retrograde BS(thats just too noobish), or circle-jerking with a omni-directional phaser firing turtle(its silly and ****er-productive).

Going arrays and other wide arc weapons is just counter-productive because it negates our design strengths by encouraging us to linger about circle-jerking so we get crushed like the tin cans we are....or we dip in and out like we should, but doing actually less damage because the arrays give up the burst damage that our design and its tactics relies on.

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