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Anyone know if there's any way to change (or actually to prevent from being changed) the hotkeys displayed on the power bar? In my efforts to make my 360 controller more usable in the game, I've remapped some buttons to certain hotbar keys using the /bind command. This works fine, but now I see text over those buttons like "Joy4+Joypad_left" or whatever. I'd really prefer it to just display the number keys there. I've tried rebinding the number keys after doing the controller binds, but it still insists on displaying the long and unwieldy controller nomenclature there. The number keys still work, they just don't display anymore and it's fugly.

Alternatively, I thought of just mapping buttons directly to certain powers rather than the hotbar slots themselves in an effort to avoid this, but can't figure out the commands needed to execute a Bridge Officer power -- +power_exec powername doesn't seem to do it. Anyone know how to do that? I've looked at various command lists but nothing is jumping out at me.

Thanks in advance!
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02-01-2010, 11:00 AM
just leave the default keybind in place and macro the keybind you wanted (ie, ctrl+1) using a 3rd party macro program.

otherwise i dont think i can be be done.

also. macro with power names dont work, it dont work in CO and i dont expect it to work here. it'll be power bar all the way.

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