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Are you new to Star Trek Online too? How are you finding the Clan Maze (Which clan?)

I'm new to massive online games. I've played STO for a while and think playing in teams is much more fun, as well as saving your behind sometimes. I'm struggling to find a good clan though. I've applied over the past few days... and feel like I've been mis-sold.... just like advertising... how can you tell the guild is really for you?

Are you new? Have you joined a guild lately?
What are they like? Were they friendly? Did they help out?
Have you had fun so far?
Were they easy to join? How long did the application process take (some take DAYS!), did they complain aobut your application... (isn't that wierd?)
How serious were they (if you want to advance... that could be a good or bad thing)
Were they what they said they'd be?

One clan I had a look said it was "Fun" but consists of little more than a loooooooooooooong list of Ranks... not for me... isn't playing online about having fun.... If the guild mentions ranks in the first page, Id avoid like the plague. (Have you ever tried avoiding a plague?)

Another clan claimed to be Sexy and very Bohemian... Er... no... What an application form! 2 and a half hours to complete in total! Multiple feedback, too long, too short, not entertaining enough for the site administrators... I'm still applying now... if I ever manage to join I'll post how long it's taken... revised it 4 times and 2,000 words later ... Sexy and Bohemian ? Probably not.

I'm really interested to hear from othernewcomers about how their experiences have been so far. Please - if you are recruiting for a clan, don't reply to this message.... I'd really like to hear from other newbies.

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