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Honestly Cryptic,

You seriously need to fix up and put things back the way they were pre patch, even for ground combat... Now i don't even need to do anything in away missions as my BO are unstoppable...

I would never of dreamt about this prepatch as without my help they would die and i would have to respawn which sometimes (rarely) could be far away but not anymore...Though that doesn't matter anyway as i would respawn full health which is another example of why a death penalty is needed... It also makes nearly all drops pointless, why bother with hypo sprays, sheild recharges and power cells as you don't need them anyway plus its quicker to die and respawn fully healed!!!!

Please watch this video of me doing your missions whilst sitting down playing Bayonetta on my Xbox and merely just moving rooms when necessary...


Is this your idea of fun? Watch near the end when the Swordmaster is struggling to kill me with about 12 hits and im not fighting back at any point (so much of one shot kills)

Do you the developers actually play this game???? Can you not see what you did to the game and can you not see the amount of people who want the game made harder again, let link you to the sample... And by harder maybe not pre patch but at least 50% more than now, seriously we have one advantage the AI can never have, we cna think for ourselves instead of follow a script so let them cheat and let me Learn, screw the carebears, they will leave after a month or two from boredom anyway, or when the next fashion MMO comes and you will just have an STO champions...


to the potential whinners out there and carebears... (Lena & NightmareGoddessLindsey) come to mind... All my BO have MK1 weapons, MK1 sheilds and no points spent on their ground skills...
This isn't just an early game problem before you say i haven't passed Lt yet, i was happilly doing the samething at Lvl 24 agaisnt romulans....

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