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# 1 Simple Requests
02-01-2010, 11:47 AM
1) Allow us to set Other Player Names to Targeted, Mouse Over in Sector Space (same as you can for Ground levels). This will allow those who complain about the names that some choose for their Captains/Ships to not have to see the offending names.

With CO I set to not show other players names, unless they were in a Team with me. I set friends and guild names to always show, to make them stand out a little more. In STO you can do that on the ground, but it doesn't seem to work in space, sector space or not.

This would also help in the tutorial, etc when you need to find certain NPC ships that are mixed in with player ships.

2) In the forum, please add the option to Add to Ignore in the dropdown menu you get when clicking on a user name. As it is now, I have to click on their name, go to their public profile page, copy their name, click add to ignore list, then paste their name in and click Add to Ignore List. This is way to many steps. Even if it were simplified to just going to their public profile page and clicking add to ignore list, and that actually working it would be better than it is now.

And please, I hope you have a rather large limit on the Ignore List.

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