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02-01-2010, 03:02 PM
Got to say that this has been the most appalling start up of any MMO I've played.

First of all you charge us extra money for Items we can't use DURING the headstart this means that either we restart on Tuesday (so in efect we've gained nothing or we forget about the items we've already outleveled - fantastic marketing... Then the server is constantly down in UK prime time. Stability of the server has been far worse during "Headstart" than the beta. Come on do you take us for idiots saying that you weren't expecting so many people - everyone on the headtart either payed (or at least promised to pay) for the chance to do the headstart - how could you not know how many people have paid for the priviledge of NOT playing this game ?

Frankly i would have cancelled my order by now but the online merchants selling your keys don't allow cancellation of preorders - live and learn I guess ...


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