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Evenif it doesnt look like it, there's construcitve criticism below, brace for impact...

You know, even at first it was barely believable that you underestimated the numbers of plaers *that* grossly...

But now, after four weeks of "public closed" (fileplanet) and "open" beta you should have understood the fact that Star Trek Fans are one of the largest TV-Series Fan Community there is on this planet.

And the fact that it's a Science Fiction Community should have told you that they are not afraid of computers...

It's ok to underestimate the numbers of customers, its way better than to overestimate them...

But it's not ok to not react adequately.

We know that you have investors and they don't want to take a risk.

But you are behaving as if this truly was your first MMO Launch.

Please, please rent some more servers for the next two months.

Don't buy them, you'll need them only until the initial hype has ebbed to normal levels.

Yes it will cost a lot of money, but it will cost you more if you lose thousands of customers because they can't play.

If you lose, we lose our sofar best shot at a decent Star Trek MMO. Most of us want to give you the time to make this game into something truly great!

And while you're at it, in the last weeks pretty much every day around 13:00 PST there was a "totally unplanned" "emergency" downtime and it was "quickly" resolved after about 90 minutes.

You lose credibility if you post statements like that more than two times in a row, ya know?

If it was so unplanned, why did it occur at roughly the same time?

If it was an emergency, how come there almost always was a non trivial patch involved?

Whoever told you that 90 minutes is "fast" ?

So please do us and yourself and most important: your credibility, a huge favor and name things by what they are!

If you want to patch it, patch it for heavens sake! If you need a reboot, call it a reboot.

People will not whine more (can't get any worse than this, anyhow) but whine less, or at least for the right reasons, which makes it much more bearable.

As i said this is a science fiction fan community, we are not afraid of tech, we love it!

And we truly despise being fed BS...

So, good luck with the launch, and i mean that honestly!

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