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07-18-2014, 02:50 AM
I'm having this problem now trying to beam down to starfleet academy, Has anyone found a fix yet?
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07-23-2014, 01:13 PM
I've been having this on my main for over a day now, hoping it would be temporary. I got a server disconnect at Klingon Academy, and since then it loads from mid 80's to 90's loaded on the loading screen, disconnected from the server. I have the message "Timed out connecting to GameServer." This was happening on JUST one character, with other characters perfectly able to log in while at Klingon Academy; I have no idea why my main is unplayable.

Now... my second "main" has the same problem,only this time I was trying to go to Romulus. These are the only two characters I tend to play, and the only two I care about; I have 7 more characters, all of which are utility characters I have no intention of playing beyond simple stuff, and frankly, I'm not inclined to play anything beyond what little I have been, but I can't play the ones I want to.

I have absolutely no idea what to do at this point. Ticket submitted but... this was one of the only times I'm able to play this week.

EDIT: Nevermind, looks like ALL of my characters are slowly succumbing to this crap. Two of my utility alts just got stuck with this bug.
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07-23-2014, 01:30 PM
I've been having the same issue with my Orion, and one of my Fed alts when I try beaming up or crossing into other sector blocks. Without fail, I'll disconnect on beam up or clicking to enter a sector. It's starting to really tick me off, it's been going on a few days now

EDIT: Add my main Fed to that for a trio now. Trying to play a Foundry mission at the moment and it keeps disconnecting...

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08-09-2014, 06:09 AM
Originally Posted by nccreaper View Post
I am also having this issue, and as well for 3 days now.

I DC'd after a single login into my main, and since have hit a never ending SERVER NOT RESPONDING error at exactly 93%-94%. Character is entirely unplayable.
Was very curious if any of you had ever gotten this resolved. NCCreaper has described my issue exactly. I'm a lifetime account that has recently come back to play the game from a VERY long break. There have been several changes in the game; Mission changes, item lockouts, server migrations, even a company buyout and a change to Free2Play. Admittedly plenty of reason for something to have gone wrong with my data.

The problem is isolated to ONLY my main character, my other 3 characters log in just fine with no problems. On the main however I attempt to login and it never makes it past the loading screen, it loads (just as Nccreaper said) to 92-94% and then stops and and gives a "Server Not Responding <counter>" error. Where the counter continuously counts up how many seconds without a server response.

My main character was(?) a lv20+ Commander character and until now was the only character i had of any recognition. I've been playing another character while working with Customer Service (CS) so the other character is 'almost' a mmoot point, but I'd still like to get the money/items I can salvage off of him. CS has tried to help me, but I'm either not getting my point across very well or they don't understand what it is I'm asking. So I've searched through the forums here for others who've experienced the same problem with only one character in the account hoping to find a few more ideas of things I might try.

I apologize for not making a new post; new ARC forum accounts apparently can only make replies to previously created threads and since this one seemed to fit.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/insights you might have..
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08-09-2014, 07:33 PM
I have recently returned to STO as a f2p. Thinking about subbing. But I get the response 'Server not responding' often. Normally it's between load screens. So finish the space part of the quest, then have to beam down, nearly every time I get to a load screen. Really frustrating.

This doesn't make me want to subscribe. This happened to me last time I came here to try it out but I could not get any answers regarding this issue, so I left and didnt subscribe. Devs if you want me to subscribe then this needs to be fixed. I'm happy to trouble shoot as well.

@ other players... do you ever get a Dev response on these forums? Is posting here a waste of time?

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08-11-2014, 05:25 PM
I've been having the same trouble ever since season 9. I get on and 5 to 10min I get server not r esponding then get kicked out. It seems that every Thursday patch it runs good the whole day. Then the next day it starts not responding again. Help please! I love this game but get tired of the same old thing.....

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