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Currently the process to be a Klingon is stale at best. To make the experience of becoming a Klingon Warrior truly exceptional the whole process of starting out has to change. Make the Klingon entrance similar to the Federation but in the true spirit of being Klingon.

Imagine this: You start out by having an argument on the bridge with your current captain. You storm off the bridge and head to the common area to get a cup of strong bloodwine. There you encounter some of your fellow crewmates and find out you have a common issue with the captain. Here starts the bold move to mutiny and take over the ship and run it how it truly should be, from a strong warrior perspective. You go around the ship gathering crew and fighting other Klingon warriors who oppose you. All the while disabling key communication conduits and bridge controls. The final battle for the ship would be a one on one with the Klingon Captain with bat leths; the survivor to take over the helm and squash the mutiny one way or the other.

This process would allow you to truly be Klingon and know what it is to fight for glory.
After defeating the captain (as we know he is a son of a feeble targ), you proceed to ‘convince the other’ captains of the Klingon patrol you are the one to lead. Once you’ve defeated or disabled the other Klingon warbirds then you are hailed by the Klingon High Command to go to Qo'noS.

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