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I pre ordered from Gamestop.
I have the preorder receipt and gamestops preorder ID.

However I never got the pre order code so I could play Beta not perticipate in the early start. This was promised to me by GS. I mailed them and I got the reply that it was now sent to me. However it was not the case, so they wanted me to file another costumer report. Taking around 48 hours for them to reply, it will have taken them a week to fix this, assuming that they fix it. Then the beta and early start periods are both over.

Now I cant sign up for life if I want to, as the special offer is only availible during the head start. Or can I ?
Will Cryptic cover Gamestops ass in such cases, and let the ppl, who was let down by the very retailer that was refered to on this very sites frontpage, get the same special offers as the rest of the playerbase ?

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