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# 1 PvP-questions?
02-01-2010, 03:44 PM
After testing the Klingons out and seeing they ahve almost zero PvE content I'm wondering how this gaem is going to be PvP. The KDF will be weened on PvP, as it wil be the only way to level. Fighting each other is king, and fighting feds will be even better (for them).Basicly from the start they are going to have to learn to work togther and be effective at PvP to level. Now us wimpy Feds will be out soloing, and grouping when we need to level. Once we hit contested space (err, I'm assuming its contested and FFA) its going to be really Ugly for the Feds. Trial by fire I guess. But as Warhammer showed, most of the "general" players will gravitate to the "evil" side.

How will STO balance PvP, or will it be like (can i say it without getting a million hate or love posts, this isnt about if its going to be like that game or not, but its an example!?) WoW where a max level guy can sit on a min level guy and grief as long as he likes? Will there be any penelties of any sort for 10 on 1 stuff? Are they going to make it so it will just be large gangs runing around and us "solo sometimes and group at others" players just gank bait? Will there be PvP flags of any sort?

I know TRUE PvP is just that, kill anybody anytime if you want or dare. But unfortnatly it doesnt make for very good gameplay in alot of places.

Right now the KDF may have problems possilby as with no PvE content to speak of only the large guilds and groups are going to really make a run at leveling there. Any "average" player is going to lose interest there quick (IMHO, only time will tell).

Just more inof on PvP and how it will works would be cool.

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