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# 1 Two Possible Ideas
02-01-2010, 03:44 PM
Here are two possible idea's I just had to take from Ultima Online.

A fame system based on PvP. I haven't ever took part in PvP so ignore if this exists;

Everytime you kill an opposing player during PvP you gain or loose virtue (you choose wether to gain or loose it). Eventually the fame/virtue points will lead to a title such as the Illustrious/Malicious/Vile <insert name here>. This wouldn't have to show up before players names when seeing them out in space or whatever but when you click on their info tab it would show.
Also on the player info tab it should show his/her wins and losses of battles, maybe favourite weapon, max damage they've delt etc.

I just think that would be a nice touch to see.

And another one is online time. I've looked and looked but I see nothing of how many hours you've played on your account and how many hours you've played with the character you are currently on. Maybe this could based in an RP style (atleast for age of character) for example;

Age at first day of commanding the U.S.S. <enter their ship name here> : X Years Old
Age now - X years old.

Every 6 months could count as a year, or every whatever pre-determined time would be classed as a year. This could change for each race, alien races could set their own in-game years as each race would naturally age different to others. The time period for a year could be said when making a character. Also adding the birthday for the character which would be set as the date the character was first made with the exception of the year, as the character would be older than 0 and the year isn't actually 2010, its whatever is said in the timeline.

What you guys think? I love to RP, yes I'm a geek =P and I think this would be a harmless addition for both RPers, e-peen people and those who just want to play.

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