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02-01-2010, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by Mardoxx View Post
no, it's called SYFY
so they could have a 4 letter domain.
and most foreign people, with the growth of the internet, will be looking for latest news of scifi programs blah blah blah so will most probably think sci is sy etc
same reason they changed cif to jif.
pronunciation issues probably

Sci-Fi went to "SyFy" to be able to put garbage on that channel; because it isn't "Sci-Fi : science fiction" That now means that the shows can be completely off topic...OH WAIT SOME OF THEM ARE ALREADY!

Ex: WWE...need I say more?
SGU....aka Real Life: Space/ $ex in Space.... And I USED to be a lifetime fan of the Stargate franchise...SGU 100000% butchered it!

And yes I have seen the STO commercial many time the pat few days, I noticed it's a mix of almost all the videos that are on this site [STO] LOL

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