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# 1 Release Notes: August 14, 2014
08-13-2014, 04:13 PM

  • Resolved an issue which was causing many Romulan Duty Officers assignments from not starting.
    • An example would be Romulan Evaluate Bridge Officer Candidate Assignments.
  • All Mark rewardpacks now unpack upon pick up.
    • These can no longer be stacked in the player’s inventory.
    • Currently, this does not apply Mark Boxes which allow a choice of Marks upon opening the box.
  • Defend Rh’lhho Station and Mine Trap, regular and elite versions now have the proper cooldown upon completing or leaving the event.
  • The Duty Officer Mission cooldown on Star Cluster contacts has been reduced from 20 hours down to 4 hours.
  • Updated Khazan Cluster missions so that they should give credit to the Khazan exploration accolades.
  • Resolved an issue causing Aegis Engines and Shields to require multiple Aegis items equipped to get their full bonuses.
  • Resolved an issue causing a negative time amount will appear when a Duty Officer mission is completing.
  • Motivation: The description now correctly says it lasts 12 seconds
  • Duty Officer Weekend: The bonus amount of CXP is not calculated until the project completes.
    • This will mean players will see the standard amount of CXP for all Duty Officer assignments until the project is finished and in the Completed tab.


  • Added the following costume options to the Costume Editor:
    • All Factions:
      • Undine Armor
      • Counter Command Exo Armor
      • Voth Armor
      • Omega Force Uniform
      • Kit Pieces
      • Risian Beachcomber Outfit
      • Risian Explorer Outfit
      • Risian Sunglasses
      • Risian Flower Accessories
      • Hirogen Armor
      • Risian Floaters
      • Winter Coats
      • Winter Jackets
      • Ferengi outfits
      • Vedek Robes
      • Tholian Silk Robes
      • Romulan Senate Robes
      • Khan’s Outfit
      • Dyson Sphere Uniforms
      • Temporal Agent Uniforms
      • Miner outfits
    • Federation:
      • TNG Season 1 Uniform
      • TNG Season 1 Admiral Uniform
      • TOS Dress Uniforms and Badges
      • M.A.C.O. Armor
      • Wells Uniform
      • Racing Uniform
      • Section 31 Uniform
      • Jupiter Uniforms
      • Open Jacket Variants of Uniforms
      • Bajoran Militia Uniform
      • Rank Pips
        • Wells
        • TNG Season 1
    • Romulan:
      • Reman Nemesis
      • Romulan 22nd Century Uniform
      • Romulan Tal Shiar Uniform
      • Romulan Neutral Uniform
    • KDF:
      • Honor Guard Uniform
      • Korath Uniform
      • Veteran Uniforms
  • Several UGC contacts and NPC extras are now wearing the Odyssey tactical uniform.
  • Renamed the superfluous Destiny Class vessel to Avenger.
  • Bare calves option now available for male Foundry costumes.
  • Updated the display names for the Earth Space Dock template maps in the Foundry.
  • It is now possible to tag projects as category Quarters, for your entire player housing and crew quarter’s needs.

Known Issues:

  • Deadly Intent Module does not work on some weapons.
  • Servin and Veela System Patrols cannot be entered.
  • Traits cannot be switched on the player’s bridge.

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