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02-01-2010, 08:36 PM
Originally Posted by Druuna
While opem beta a dev made some comments regarding macros.
Basically he said that it's unimportant if a macro comes from a g15-keyboard or from autohotkey.
It's only important for cryptic if a macro goes too far or not. He also said that he can't define exact rules what's forbidden and what not.

That means you can use autohotkey as long as the macro don't go too far. If the macro goes too far they will ban you, regardless if it's from autohotkey or from g15.
he was very vague....

he made the point of "making the game perfrom how it shouldnt" which others pointed out was impossible because of cool downs. i cant make my guns fire any faster. or a special fire any sooner.

after reading all his comments what i took away was being exploitive...but then everyone had a different take.

crypic needs to join us in the 21st century and realize that most gamers uses macros whether it be a mouse, keyboard or AHK.

Most everyone has asked for in game support so its not like the majority want to automate the game... we just dont want to hit 1111111111 over and over and over. or set up our own weapons groups. Its common knowledge most people dont like teh UI. but we players have the ability to make it workable to our own comfort level.

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