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# 1 Two looking for a fleet.
02-01-2010, 09:25 PM
So, I'm posting this because me and a friend are looking for a fleet.

First,, a bit about us: We're both adults, we both have lives out of game. We might at times put in 5 hours a night, but some nights we might not even be on. Others we might only be around for a half hour or 45 mins at best. We'll never know and it depends entirely on the day itself.

We're both long time MMO players, both of us have played ***, SWG and WoW, to name a few. We don't mind PVP and might even enjoy it, we don't mind raiding, we might even enjoy it here. But with all things, we'd stress moderation. We'd even enjoy a light RP enviroment, perhaps.

What we don't want is to be asked to commit to mandatory guild meetings, or anything of the sort. We're looking for a not-too-serious casual enviroment with a group of like minded people who just want to have fun. No drama, no BS, none of that.

Either post here or send me a PM on the forums or ingame with details, and we can chat.


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# 2
02-01-2010, 09:42 PM
hello to both of you and welcome to the sto forums. at the 4th fleet we are a mature, freindly, active and mostly exp. members. our role play consists of a short back story of your character. some members are trying to get a roleplay started because they enjoy RP NOT REQUIRED. we are a laid back fleet if you are going to be gone for a week or more we request you let us know. we dont have any drama and if a problem arises then we have a jag unit that is ready to deal with it. we chat with each other wile in game solo or grouping what ever you choose. i personally not in game yet because of pc problems but chat with everyone about anything they want to. we use ventrillo. if you both would like to be part of a unique community and one of the finest fleets in the game apply at you can see our history and stucture and what is expected from a member at
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# 3
02-01-2010, 09:55 PM
Hey ya Capt. Sounds like you would fit in good. Check us out here: Clicky
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# 4
02-01-2010, 11:57 PM
I personally like both offers, but going to bump this once more before I go to bed to see if theres anything else out there. I hope you two don't mind, both sound great, but we're going to be patient with this and see what forms after the official release.

if nothing else comes up, we'll be chatting ingame soon, hopefully.
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Good Launch Day to you, Palaxormi (and to your unnamed friend). I am Zhel-lan Keysailor, Fleet Executive Officer of the VKF. You might find the VKF to your liking, we accommodate all gaming types.

The VKF is medium RP, we are focused on enriching our members' in-game experience in every way. Come check us out here at or at our Fleet forum -we're in transition from to

We are worldwide, have both casual and hardcore members, have vent, and have each others' well-being as a common goal.

Our Fleet is formed in-game, and we have competed several PvE missions with small groups - I find it very satisfying to work with logical, analytical Vulcans, and we do have other races in the VKF - they are...fascinating. But RP is not required, merely a means with which we can entertain ourselves. We are mature, have no big participation requirements (just that there be some participation, otherwise why be in a Fleet). No BS, no drama, and lots of fun!

Regardless of which Fleet you choose, Live Long and Prosper, and know that the VKF will answer all Federation hails.
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# 6
02-02-2010, 01:29 AM
If you're looking for a fleet, come check out The Fifth Fleet.
We're looking for all types of players.


The Fifth Fleet is looking for more recruits, we have many places still to fill out in our fleet, especially in the departments of Science & Exploration, and also in our Tactical Operations, Logistics & Security departments.

What we want:

Creative thinking
Formality when talking to fellow officers
Honorable conduct
Support your fellow officers - We laugh together and we grieve together
What we give:

Exams to teach you about our procedures, science, military strategies
A circle of friends, the Fifth fleet is more than just a random group of nobodies. We are true friends here.
Dedication from our officers - You are never alone
Always a good laugh
Fleet movie nights, Fleet game nights
Ample rewards for those who deserve such rewards

The Fleet is looking for You!
You think you got what it takes? Enlist Here.

Remember, only the best serve in the Fifth Fleet. If you feel you aren't the best - Don't worry. We'll make you the best that you can be.

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# 7
02-02-2010, 07:52 AM

I am Letum Omnis, of TCON (The Consortium). You may wish to give our group a look. We are made up of a group of mature gamers, and are a"family style" group, without any specific time requirements.

Just a glimpse of some of the things we can offer:
  1. We are extremely well organized, with command structure, ranks, and advancement in place.
  2. Clearly identified means of promotion within the fleet that corresponds with the in game ranking structure.
  3. Fun, family friendly atmosphere.
  4. NO DRAMA! We have a mature, drama free member base, with strong leadership.
  5. Good size fleet, (over 75 on the roster now, and growing).
  6. Global member base (U.S., UK, NZ), so we typically will have someone on at all times.
  7. Seven (7) year history together in various MMO's, and have accomplished much in our previous MMO's
  8. A nice mix of folks who RP. So if you enjoy that, we can offer it as well.
  9. Close knit group of folks who are willing to go the extra mile to help you out, and make you feel at home.
  10. We have vent, and forums.

I suggest heading over to our primary recruting thread and our forums for more information, and see what you think. If you think we are a good fit, then feel free to contact me here, on our forums, or in game.

My in game name is the same as my signature. (Letum Omnis@flakk)

Links to our webpage and primary recruiting thread are in my signature.
(Contain additional information)

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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# 8
02-02-2010, 08:20 AM
It sounds like Fleet 1580 might have what you're looking for. We are a fleet of mature (30+) officers who all have jobs, families, and other responsibilities but play STO for fun. I myself have two young daughters at home, and I usually can't jump on until they're asleep. We are a smaller fleet, and that has made for a very friendly gaming experience for all of us. Each of the fleet's officers know the others, and so there's lots of friendly banter and helpful advice on the Vent channel. We highly value teamwork, and our veteran officers help out newer officers to learn the game.

We are located in the Eastern and Central US timezones, and most of us have similar playtimes to what you describe. Since most of us have jobs and wives, and many of us have children, fleet events are never mandatory and there is no minimum weekly time commitment. I can entirely relate to your varying playtimes -- last night I got in about three hours, but the previous two nights I couldn't get on at all. It doesn't seem right to punish people for having a busy life, so we don't.

We certainly agree with your thoughts on moderation. We want to experience all the game, not just part of it. We do a little of everything, and what we do is decided by the fleet.

We do use some light RP elements, such as fleet ranks and awards, and we do use character names in-game, but RP is not mandatory.

We would be honored if you would consider joining us. Our fleet site is here: If you have other questions, please feel free to PM me. I wish you the best of luck in finding a fleet, and we hope to see you in-game!
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# 9
02-02-2010, 04:16 PM
Hello Palaxormi and friend!

You don't mention a timezone, but despite the name the British Starfleet Corps is comprised of members from around the world so I thought I'd mention us to you both as a possibility.

Why? Because a LOT of our members have work and family commitments too. We don't do enforced play times or styles, you log on when you can and play the way you enjoy the most with a bunch of like-minded people. We've got a good number of people now and the community environment is still as good as it was when we first started up, but with more laughs. Open up your social tab and do a quick search for "British Starfleet Corps" to see how many of our members are playing when you next log in, that way you have some idea of how many will be around for you to relax and have fun with when you're playing.

If you'd like to know a bit more about the community itself have a quick look at our recruitment topic as that covers the basics. Anything else feel free to drop me a PM and I'll be happy to answer.

I wish you both good luck in finding what you're after and have fun with STO!
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# 10
02-02-2010, 04:31 PM

Please spend a few minutes on our website and check out LNR Fleet. We are getting close to the cap, so if you would like to join, please do so soon.

We are a large Fleet that is founded on being inclusive. Here are some important facts you should know:

* Casual & mature - Anyone can join who will follow and help enforce our charter

* Stable - Established guild with over 6 years experience

* Multi-game guild - While many stay in a game (I'm a lifetimer) as you might move on to new games, so do others in LNR. Stay with the same gang as new games come out.

* PVP - For those interested, we have highly organized PVP teams and events

* Strong Leadership - Members can prove themselves and become highest ranking leaders through our election process - All of our leadership was elected -- they have proven their leadership

* You can be an officer - Join the STO Chapter now as a Member or Acting Director / Officer for a limited time. Elections for new Co-Leaders will hapen in the weeks to come, so get in now.

* Voice Chat - Private Vent server (only join if you want)

* Strong communication - Full featured website (over 100,000 posts), roster, forums, chat, image gallery, and more spend your game time ...gaming...discuss guild matters on the website

* Inclusive guild - not exclusive - We don't require you to be on at certain hours, play certain amount of time, or play a certain play how you want to.

Please join us and learn what it is to be part of a legendary Guild.

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