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I am one of the many having issues with trymedia, doubly so because i never got any email from them whatsoever, and possibly will be losing out on my PO bonus not to mention the headstart i was supposed to get.

My solutioni is easy Allow every account to choose one free PO item on their account page and apply it to their accounr. This would cost virtually nothing and be a REALLY good show of faith from a company that I hope to be gamin with as long as some other companies.

Obv its not cryptic's failt that some of us may not get any PO bonus becouse we have to rush out and get it at the last second, but it never hurts to harvest good rep from subscriber base.

And lets face it versions of these can be sold in their cryptic stores a certain time after launch if they wanted im assuming

just my two latinum

PS Thanks for probobly scre wing me out of one of the cool names Trymedia.

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