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1. TMP (Or Khan through Generations):

TMP uniforms make a good deal of sense. The Wrath of Khan Admiral's jacket (not wearable by bridge crew) is a little TOO nice for a freebie. There has to be a reason bridge crew can't wear it. It also has the three ridges on the sleeve that Kirk had as an admiral, making it *not quite* the classic movie look we know. My guess is, they were developing a motion picture C-Store pack and somebody had the bright idea to add three ridges on the sleeve and give it away as a (limited in use) promotional freebie. Meanwhile, the actual content required for most of those uniforms is fairly similar, making them a logical paid content pack because of the shared assets like overlapping texture elements and 3D models.

My prediction is that this will include:

- The standard (non-sleeve ridge) officer uniform from Star Trek II until Star Trek: Generations. (Possibly with an added color to the palette for cadet's bright orange sweaters).

- Scotty's vest variant from the movies. (No option for TNG combadge; I think they'll reoffer the look with a TNG combadge as part of another pack. They seem to be segregating combadges by uniform for some reason. More on this later.)

- Kirk's vest variant from Generations. Maybe. I have other thoughts on this.

- The Crewman Uniform.

MAYBE'S: Uhura's dress from the movies. Kirk's bomber jacket. TMP uniforms.

But I think the use of the Admiral's jacket as a freebie (and restricted to Captains) was designed to promote a C-Store package. And there's no way they'd keep people waiting long on that package.

2. A Pilot Episode Pack

I had been a bit baffled why they were segregating combadges by uniform until it hit me: a different combadge makes it a different uniform for marketing purposes. Why are they billing the jumpsuit with colored shoulders as a Deep Space Nine uniform when it's more associated with Voyager? The answer has to be in the specifics of what's included, which appears to be a black jumpsuit with colored sleeves, normal rank pips and a TNG-era movie badge. That would be the Voyager uniform except... Guess what? A "Voyager" uniform would be all that AND an option for provisional crew rank pips like the ones the Marquis had.

Looking at the specifics of what is offered and what can be offered, a pattern emerged: All of the Trek series pilots had a different uniform and none of those uniforms are included in the pre-orders. However, development wise, they would all likely share art assets with models we have in game so the question then becomes: WHY are they conspicuously absent?

Answer? The C-Store has to launch with something and what better than a "Pilot Episode"-themed "Generations" costume pack?

Here's what I see being there:

- "The Cage" uniforms
- TNG low collar uniforms
- DS9 Pilot Uniforms (Black jumpsuit, colored shoulders -- TNG badge because they didn't switch until Generations)
- Voyager Uniforms (Black jumpsuit, colored shoulders, DS9/Movie/Voyager combadge -- Marquis Rank in place of pips)
- Enterprise "Broken Bow" Uniforms (Perhaps, limited to the Admiral look with the shirt and tie, ala Forrest in Broken Bow)


- The "Kelvin" uniform from ST2009. It's very interesting since Cryptic has the license to everything except the JJ-verse (at least, the last time anyone checked) but Paramount has been open to a certain amount of creative flexibility on its licenses before. ("Trials and Tribble-ations" and Voyager's episode with Sulu rendered those characters part of the TNG and Voyager licenses for Decipher's cardgame, before the secured the motion picture or TOS license.) Since the destruction of Romulus was fair game, it might be argued that the first 30 or so seconds of Star Trek (2009) take place before the timeline diverged, rendering the Kelvin and its uniforms part of Cryptic's license since they're logically from the "Prime" universe as well.

C'Mon. Launch day. Uniforms from the pilots. Conspicuous inability to mix and match combadges in-game.

And the symmetry is perfect: One set primarily hitting the middle of Trek's age demographic and the other set targeting the far extremes, old and new.

SOMETHING is gonna be in that store in a few hours. My take is that it's a fully realized, Boff-wearable Motion Picture pack and a collection of pilot-episode variants.

That does leave questions as to what future content packs might be. I suspect Scotty's film outfit with a TNG combadge is going to be in one of them. (Ie. Crossover episode themed pack. Ambassador Spock's uniform, McCoy's admiral sweater, maybe Kirk's Generations vest, Yesterday's Enterprise-style "no collar/no belt" uniforms). My vote is for one with everything Q ever wore or made someone else wear, excluding nakedness. Obviously, dress uniforms (there are three notable ones and probably as many as ten major variants) and "work casual" uniforms (Y'know, Picard with his shirt half-unbuttoned in his vest, Kirk's green uniform, Torres' vest-only look).

But be looking for that TMP pack and that pilot episode pack. It's coming. My guess is in under 24 hours.

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