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I ordered their version of STO due to the fact they were offering the TR-116 Rifle and 500 skill points wow two things sounded like a great deal set at 78 Aussie Dollars. Ok That seemed fair enough today I get an email saying how they are now offering me a collector's edition for 124 Aussie Dollars and that it was the manufacturer that informed them that. They sent me a code it arrived at Headstart it worked for 1 character and now doesn't work for any other characters but I can see it as if it had been used for the character. I don't get it. How is it this company gets to get away with it and why on earth does Atari/Cryptic authorize this ? WTG False advertising at it's finest.

JB HI FI gives me thee option off canceling my order to then turn aroundd and re-order the "new more expensive one"

here is a copy of thee email. Maybe I read it wrong maybe I don't.


We have been advised by the supplier there is another edition of the Star Trek online Game, please see below link:

We cannot change your order to this item, sorry.

But if you wish to cancel your original order and re-order this version, please reply to this e-mail and advise us of your original order number and we will cancel your order for you.

If you have received your codes for this product already, we have been advised that they will still be valid for this newer edition.

Please note, we have not charged your card for this order - We only process purchases when orders are ready to dispatch.


JB HI-FI Online "

So now I sit at the point of just being fubared and unable to get what I wanted because I had faith in a system that was changed at the point of no return.

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