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# 1 3 shots and finally addicted
02-02-2010, 03:22 AM
I first came into the headstart and wasnt very pleased so I went back to my mmo backup game for a couple of hours. Then I came back the next day and got it so it unlocked the klingon access at 5 and still wasnt impressed and didnt know what I was doing wrong I just couldnt get this game to hook for me. Then I came back a 3rd time and started a brand new character because I goofed up my first set of skills and told myself implaying for 3 hours straight. Cryptic bravo on a smooth gameplay and yes it hooked me. I was able to get to level 7 and did a little pvp which I think is only accessible after 6 so if you cant get in to pvp that was my prob at 5 it said loading then I hit 6 and bam I was in. So now with a little downtime I cant wait to get back in and will play a little lotro for a bit til it comes back up. I think I have found the game I will play til KOTOR online comes out in 2011........

I know to some it has been a little frustrating just try rerolling a new toon so you can set your skills the way you want and rediscover the game I know for me it helped tons.

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