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Well, I'm basically referring to the amount of downtime we've had... Honestly, I feel conned, I mainly pre-ordered for the Headstart and suffice it to say, I managed maybe 1/3 of the time I could have done if the servers where actually up and running?

I mean, pretty much all of the downtime was in EU time, and before someone says they have to take the servers down at some time... If it's going to be daily, 2 times a night or something for upto 3 hours, what's the point in playing? Besides, most of it was 'unexpected'.

Now I'm not an expert, but I've played an MMO for over 7 years, close to 8, and basically, their downtime hardly existed! In all of that time, there has only been one time where I spent half an hour away for downtime, their updates took maybe, 10 minutes at max?

Now, I'm not going to say I'm leaving, but if this continues, I don't see myself playing the game after the first month... And I doubt I'm alone.

This isn't the first MMO by Cryptic, so really, has there been any need for all of this downtime? There's a post saying we've 'blown all expectations', so, what happened to the exprience of multiple other games? And is it that hard to see how many pre-orders have been taken? Or keys activated?

I just hope they sort this, and quickly, because as for the headstart, I feel pretty conned so far. I just hope my Borg bridge officer is right... Of which I may add, I haven't recieved the code for...

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