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# 1 WhooHooo! Phasers Set to Full!
02-02-2010, 03:41 AM
First of all, today is an exciting day! STO is now officially "live."

Cryptic -- you have worked hard to reach this point -- many thanks for the work you have put into this product to date.

To those of you who are reading over these forums and wondering if the game is worth advice is that this game offers more as an MMO than any other science fiction/space combat game on the market today. It has ground missions ("away team"), space combat , fleet actions, cooperative play, solo PvE content, and PvP if that floats your boat. The PvP content is purely voluntary -- no "corpse camping" type scenarios in this game.

Down side? is a new MMO -- and MMO's tend to be a bit rocky at onset. The benefits of being in early outweigh the inconvienences -- and if you are wondering if the game will still be around in the months to come...I would say "most definitely." The game has fact, there is so much Star Trek content that in terms of upgrades and expansions, well...the Final Frontier is practically the only limit...and that is no limit at all.

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