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# 1 Help With Science Build
02-02-2010, 04:10 AM
Ok, I made a science build Klingon character and Im having second thoughts about it. It seems like its much harder to level a Klingon. I couldnt get out of the opening mission where I kept punching one of the warriors and he was healing faster than I could damage him. I probably trained the wrong skill or did something wrong. So maybe you can help tell me what to do.

Im new but it seems like Science is less suited for PVP and yet PvP is the only way you can level a Klingon.

Is it honestly even worth it for a new player to play a Klingon science guy? Do you even need scientists and team players in the empire when you can cloak? Maybe scientists are less valuable when the cloak skill is around?

I dont have the fastest fingers so I like to support others with strong role play and team spirit. I dont pretend to be the best PVP player around the block and Im not exactly a key pounder.

Still, Klingons seem hard and especially so if they arent tactical and designed for PVP.

Some good common sense advice would be helpful.

Thank You and Qapla
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# 2
02-02-2010, 04:21 AM
Well I don't know how well this can help but heres a go. As a Klingon science officer (myself) I have picked up a few different abilities. Personally I'm waiting until tier 3 to get my ktinga to actually get my new BO rank slot. But the abilities I use in space consisit of tractor beam, RSP (Reverse Sheild Polarity), Engineering team 1, and high yeild (Not need as a sci officer). Our main focus as a sci officer is to buff and debuff our enemy while still doing dmg to the target. So in space you're probaly going to want to stick towards surviability and once you have that set you can maybe pickup like Rapid Fire for your cannons if thats what you use.

I recommend depending what rank you are looking for a fleet. Alot of fleets now are looking for LTC and up but I'm sure theres people still forming and looking for new members.

Just remember though that we're responsible for the group. So pickup abilities that support them like Extend sheilds, Sci team 1, engineering team 1, and so on.

Note: Ground PVP doesn't really work the same because no matter what you can do alot of dmg. I use our debuff then press "c" and like em up. And also you're going to want a sniper rifle.
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# 3
02-02-2010, 04:30 AM
Science captains are well suited for PvP

Just not having ALL sci captains, the debuffs and buffs are mostly team-support.

If you boost your sensor arrays as much as you can, the sensor sweep debuff scales really, really high.

Or you can go with deflector fields, buffing dampening field which is a strong PbAoE energy resist buff.

For Sci BO skills:

Klingon ships are (most of them) poorly suited as Aux-maxing sci vessels, but are decent if you focus on non-aux based skills. Aux-scaling abilities are usually very good if you actually boost aux, so you might be able to get away with the power-transfer consoles that let you switch between offense, shields, and aux quickly.

Personally I just stopped trying during OB and slapped scramble on a raptor and used sensor sweep to heavily debuff resists (pew pew, ship go boom )
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# 4
02-02-2010, 04:32 AM
I am usually one of the people that rank high on damage, high on healing, high on points and low on deaths. I run with Hazard Emitters 1, Engineering team 1, Science Team 2 and High Yield Torpedo 1 (I dont really need the High Yield, but it offers nice burst damage to get extra points).

I can heal myself perfectly fine with these abilities AND I can heal team mates long enough for them to get away. I rarely die even when focused fired, I always have time to pop a heal or 2, evasive and max engine power and run away to cloak/heal.

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