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# 1 Ground Combat Needs some work
02-02-2010, 05:30 AM
First i want to congradulate everyone who had a hand in makeing this game

ok now the ground combat is clunkey there seems to be time count down on some skills and then there is the timer on the timmer and on some skills there is even a 3rd timmer

Champions online has Nice combat no wait and its nice to know the power is gonna fire when you hit the button not 5 seconds latter when the NPC is in your face

In beta i never made it past 15 and it seems even the space combat can use a tweek here and there

waitting on a skill for 2+ minutes in a 10 second fight is just wrong

Ok back to the ground

Push the {a} [s] [D] [W] 2 times and you jump now i use a game pad an it seems to jump every time i push the pad, The wife is haveing this problem also...

The crew where did they go ?
the NPC follow is still bad getting better (Rally here) if the crew member is stuck there should be some kind of teleport, standing around or trying to un-stuck a crew member gets old fast

the ground has many obsticle including some 1 foot cliffs that seem to catch the player and Crew...

there is 1 planet that has so much dust you cant even see your feet, I think its cool you can do Effect but this is going a little overboard... I would like to see the planet not a brown screen

there have been a few times where my character just seems to stop...
this is not from an NPC power, and i have had to log out plenty of times because of it, this is not a game breaker but it is annoying

Loose the timer in ground combat it is boreing to have to wait 10 second for a phaser to fire or drop the time on some of these to say 1 or 2 seconds a faster pace would be fun

Down the road maybe a town that can have some are's to explore

Now something good
the grapics are great even at low rez with a 500MB video card but flat amazing on a 2 gig video card
I love the skill points it reminds me of champions Pen and Papper
looking forward to expansions maybe there can be some explorable planets
A crafting system of some kind not sure how it would fit in the current game but its a thought Ship wright weapon smith

one last thing is there a place i can go that will explain the equipment and how it works and what it does like the dirupter dish and astrometric

Tea would be fine but coffee is better Gotta love the bean and yes i want frys with that Cheese burger

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