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Reporting this from two players actually. My friend has a Boff who lost his Lt-skill in order to "win" a 2nd ensign skill, which ofc he cannot use, as you only get one Ens-skill.

I have a nice science officer who had all the skills I wanted only the LtCmdr skill was not to my liking. So I bought a new LtCmdr skill for her, but that one ended up to be in her Cmdr skill (even though it replaced her LtCmdr skill). And now she doesn't have any LtCmdr skill at all and lost the original Cmdr skill.

In a GM response to my friend (I haven't received mine yet) it was basically the response "working as intended".

So my question now here is, why are bugs (which were known as such in the beta) now working as intended? Or did that request basically got a "not read, simply reply"?

Please fix this, as those Boffs are now basically useless. And a response should be done to the point pls. We don't need bots to answer our GM replies. That's quite rude and pointless

- M

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