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# 1 PC Crashes for DarkSol80
02-02-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by Darksol80 View Post
While I wouldn't say they have been down more than up, I do share the frustration. I have children and finding time to get lost on the computer can be difficult. I too am tired of hearing "this is how this works" posts. This game has crashed on me so many times, and that doesn't include server downtime. Its not like I'm using a old computer either:

i5 650-bumped to 3.7ghz
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P
WD 1TB 7200rpm 32mb
WD 320GB 7200rpm 16mb
OCZ 4GB DDR3-1600

When its playing it plays beautifully. But crashes on away missions seems to be my hang up. Its not like I'm always in battle either. Hell it crashes on SB1 too. These are bugs that should have been caught and fixed. I have a lifetime sub too. Going from today...16 months is 486 days, 2 hrs a day downtime is 972 hrs. That equals 40.5 days of down time. That's over a month to downtime. If things continue this way.
One thing to remember is this is the Cryptic engine and client. I had huge problems with stability in CO...same engine, etc. My machine also is quite new, but I had tweaked it up just a bit...well...because I could. It was the wrong thing to do. There are more technological advances in this Cryptic stuff than we know about and tweaking my machine, even a small bit, pushed it over the edge.

I ran a program called Prime95. It will load test your memory and CPU and you can find instability issues with it.

I screamed at Cryptic for not having a stable client and then was quite humiliated all to find it was my machine. So that's what I recommend. Try to ensure your system is rock-solid stable before running this game and then go from there.

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