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Hello, just wondering if anyone who placed an order from (The Canadian Gamestop website, not the US, or UK). If their order has been processed or shipped yet.

I used to order from the US website but now I have the option of the Canadian one where the shipping is less (In my case free).

Usually on games that are suppose to be on shelves on release days the US site anyways would process my order the friday before and usually ship it that friday night..

My order on the Canadian website still shows my order as Verifying (It never did change to Pre-Order and was placed middle of January). And my order has still not been processed. I've phoned Gamestop and they are contacting the Canadian offices to see why my order hasn't processed.

So Basically I'm just wondering if any other Canadians who ordered from Gamestop.CA if their orders have been processed or shipped yet?!?

I can't find any posts on this for Canadians.

--- Only reason I care is that I may just be able to cancel the online one and pick it up at a local store instead of waiting to see if my order on their website ever goes through.

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