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02-02-2010, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Moonphase View Post
This is why I don't PvP anymore, its fine if you have a static group on vent and you co-ordinate every move, every sign of enemy contact and co-ordinate attacks/stuns/roots/Mes/etc to maximum effect, but in a 'random' group where you can't voice chat or form incredibly fast tactics and strategies on the fly, you have no chance in PvP especially against veteran PvPers or worse, an opposing foe that is purely built for PvP and the Klingons are essentially just that.

Do the klinks need nerfs? Wholehearted yes they do, hopefully soon before the PvP whine crowd arrives.

Another issue is that people PvP with essentially PvE gear on.....thats another big mistake. If the feds queue up for PvP, make sure you have some BO that have highly useful PvP abilities such as detecting cloaks etc...
Actually, klingons require more coordination to pvp. Uncoordinated uncloaking leads to 5v1, and a you're gonna have a bad time. We learned that we need to get on vent or at least team up to pvp. Wait till a few days after launch and you will see a mass of pug klingon teams. ATM you are fighting mostly beta people that learned the hard way that lack of coordination against the fedball is a quick way to die.

Vs a organized group of fed players, there is almost no chance at winning. I have seen 3 BOP pounding on an escort and with good teamwork he lives through everything thrown at him. I have seen 5 BOP pounding on a engy piloted cruiser and they cannot drop him in the 20 seconds it takes his team to FI to him.

You cannot balance stupid. If cryptic balances pvp around people flying into pvp with pve gear, or make it so the dumbest fed players can run around ungrouped and win vs a coordinated klingon team they will break PVP and see a lot of players leave. We got decimated in T2 pvp until we learned the necessary skills. This involved a LOT of dying, now it's your turn. Don't think you can run into a gunfight with a baseball bad and do good. Use the right equipment for the job.

To people whining about dps from klingons, next time you actually make an attempt to win look at the damage. I've put out 180k damage before and dropped 4 ships, counting my team we put out 250k and dropped 6-7 ships total. The entire fed team put out 100k and killed 15 ships. I realize that you guys are looking at that 180k and comparing it to your 30k it seems overpowered, but remember that it took 180k to drop 4 ships. Your team's 100k won the match.

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