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# 1 UI completely non-responsive
02-02-2010, 02:10 PM
All of a sudden the UI has basically stopped working, and I can't play the game.

Powers no longer can be clicked with a mouse or with a key. I've tried:

- resetting to default keybinds
- re-starting/re-logging into the game
- removing and replacing powers from the tray onto the bar
- placing powers in different slots on the bar

A fellow Fleet member told me he had such an error a couple times in OB, but that relogging solved the problem. Not for me it seems. I've done a search of this forum and can't find any useful info. I've opened a bug report and requested help from a GM but that may take a while.

Till then the game is unplayable, any advice, tips or workarounds?

Edit: Tried relogging in and out a few times, it took, UI seems to work again...

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