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After my first character got stuck in the time loop that is travel o Sol I started a new alt thinking I could at least putter around the Sector and just not goto Sol when I finished blowing up Borg. WRONG.


So every one of the thousands of people starting the game today are going to be stuck unable to travel to Sol. Thats just got to be a major issue, as it makes the game unplayable, and you gave us no warning even?

Im not even mad really, Ive been mad since I started Open Beta over the poor state of the game but I saw that parts of the game were interesting and worth staying for, and deep down I thought itd be at least playable if not yet perfect. Now Im past the mad and Im just numb.

Im glad my subscription wasnt able to go through, let me know when Ill be able to play my characters, sometime what, IN 2011? Just unbelievable.

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