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I got the emotes (both of them) got the armor, NX prefix, and Joint Trill. BUT DID NOT GET the shield device, tribble/Targ, Constition class ship, Carbine rifle, Borg Bridge Officer, Red matter. and there not listed in the C-Store like the other items Nor are the any of the costumes avalible to me, I downloaded the Digital Deluxe Ed pre-order from Atari's main site.

Unless otherwise specified, items are available to every character in a player’s account and are mostly used during a character’s early development. None of these items are trade-able.

NX Prefix
This renowned ship registration prefix designates a special prototype vessel. Players can attach this prefix to the title of any of their ships.

A Targ is a cosmetic pet for Klingon characters only that a player can summon and dismiss at will. The Tribble when summoned increases a Federation character’s healing rate, though it cannot be summoned during combat. A character will take out his Tribble and pet it.

Borg Bridge Officer
Each character created receives a reclaimed Borg Bridge Officer to assist him in space and on the ground. The Borg Bridge Officer possesses unique abilities not otherwise available to players. Bridge Officers can serve with the players for the entire game experience. These special Officers are customizable and have the following starting powers:

Ground Abilities
Space Abilities

Ensign: Shield Recharge 1
Lieutenant: Weapons Malfunction II
Lt. Commander: Shield Generator Malfunction II
Commander: Reroute Power to Shields III
Ensign: Emergency Power to Shields I
Lieutenant: Engineering Team II
Lt. Commander: Directed Energy Modulation II
Commander: Aceton Field III

Constitution Class Ship
Shortly after the tutorial, a player assumes command of a ship. A player can choose either a standard Miranda class or this exclusive, the Constitution class ship. Players fly around in a semi-customizable replica of the TOS ship beloved for decades (the textures can be altered like other ships, but not the components). Players control this ship for roughly 20 hours before being promoted into the next class of ship.

Skill Points
Each character created receives an additional 500 skill points at the beginning of gameplay. That’s a 38 percent increase over what players normally receive through the tutorial.

Joined Trill
At character creation, a player can select Trill as a race. This unlocks special exclusive traits that enhance the character’s abilities. Note that the special abilities are the only exclusive aspect; players are still able to create Trills in the game. However, they will lack the Trill abilities.

DS9 Costumes
Players can clothe their Federation characters in the uniforms made famous in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine TV series. Players can freely change the colors of the uniform.

TOS Costumes
Players can clothe their Federation characters in the uniforms made famous by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series. Players can freely change the colors of the uniform. Also note: The TOS costumes do include mini-skirts!

Chromodynamic Armor
This ground item goes into a character’s body armor slot. Based on technology brought back from the Delta Quadrant by U.S.S. Voyager, this personal body armor improves the damage and critical hits of a player’s ground energy weapons.

Multi-spatial Personal Shield
This ground item slots into a character’s shield slot. This advanced personal shield system is based on Borg technology and constantly regenerates itself and even a character’s health.

A player equips this phaser rifle into one of his two ground weapon slots. The TR-116 is a rare projectile weapon is used in dampening fields and other challenging environments, it is also modified with a micro-transporter which beams the fired projectiles to targets at close range so that a user can fire without a direct line of sight.

Red Matter Capacitor
A unique item slotted into a ship device slot that charges up and delivers extra energy to all of your ship’s equipment for a short time. The Capacitor has a long recharge.

Automated Defense Battery
This ship item slots into the Tactical Console slot. Tactical Module that grants the ship a passive 360 arc attack power with a short range.

Players will be able to do the famous Kirk Khan yell from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Bloodwine Toast Emote
This gesture is known throughout the galaxy as a hallmark of Klingon society.
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02-02-2010, 03:08 PM
You know that a lot of the preorder stuff was exclusive right? You don't get it all, only what your specific retailer was providing as a bonus.

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