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Originally Posted by CreativePhobia
Not to nitpick, but this seems more like unnecessary hand-holding to me. They never tell us that Klingon Bird of Preys come in packs of three, either. But after the first group you engage, you've learned your lesson and can apply it to further engagements.

Do they give us a reason why BoPs come in Trios? Doesn't really seem to be a need to explain it after you understand that they do. Extra documentation in the form of a Journal or a Codex with entries (a la Warhammer Online, <insert name of bioware game here>, etc) would be nice, but that's an entirely different topic.

Please understand that I died a lot in cbeta trying to attempt this on my first go too. I don't claim to be some awesome player who doesn't need a bit of trial and error to get through any situation. But after my initial encounter, I can tell you that I learned from my mistakes. Providing missions that are so ridiculously easy where no one even needs to make several attempts is about as engaging as looking through a kaleidoscope can be.
There are several problems with that. When you see something, you expect it to act in certain ways as based on past experience. Ships can appear in any number, and have various statistics. Being Trek, we can add to that; we know that certain ships can disappear and reappear. However, none of them reappear after exploding, unless it's part of a story with an outside phenomena. That last detail may occur to a fan, but only if indication of such an outside factor is given.

Clouds in real life don't explode, if they do explode, because they're made of explosive gas, such clouds do not decouple from carbon atoms on their own to re-explode. Worse, a Trek fan can't even use Trek knowledge to predict the cloud behayviour because it doesn't follow the abilities of the clouds from the movie Insurrection. When such a cloud appears out of no where on top of you just as the enemy fires on you, and you die in one shot, most people will have absolutely no idea what the hell just happened to them, because clouds don't do those things, and the completely unexpected pattern of cloud resurrection is unlikely to have been observed.

There is a final problem, that is more immediate. Supposedly, we have bridge crew. It's the job of a bridge crew to alert the captain to the various determinable factors of any given situation. The bridge crew failed to inform the captain of what should have been readily available information on the mechanics of metreon gas within the game environment. The crew does not have to tell me how to handle the ship, determining course is my job, but they do have to tell me facts that will effect how I handle the ship. The crew failed me in this mission. This is also endemic of much of the information in the game, that being the lack of information on various important mechanics related to the ship.

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