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Just wanted to make a post about this to make these more well-known problems. There are only 3 things that i have problems with so far in the game.

Good Luck Charm Quest
The first one is the Good Luck Charm quest which for some of us Klingons, does not give us a point towards winning wether we WIN or lost. For some of the lucky Klingons it gives them a point towards the win wether they win or LOSE. I was also surprised when i saw that most Klingons know about the problem and still nothing is done about it. i have ticketed this and it is not fixed....

Getting Stuck in PVP ground battles
The second problem is defiantly worse than the first. 3/4 times this happens to me in a PVP KVK ground battle. I will be in the middle of a fight and all of a sudden i will stop moving and not be able to move at all. I can still fire and be killed but i cannot move. When this happens my gun paints a target laser on some random person on the other team and it continues to follow them the entire match. This laser will go through walls and can be seen by other players. I can die and respawn but i cannot move. I have tried everything and this is starting to be a problem when i have to sit in a pvp match when the kills are only 12/40. I can only kill the people who pass by me but they usually just run. I have ticketed this and it is not fixed...

No respawn button
The third problem can be fixed but most ppl dont know how. Sometimes you die and the respawn button does not show up and you cant respawn. To fix this press the escape button and the little menu will pop up. Then close the escape menu and the respawn button with be there. Ya need to fix this b/c ppl dont know how to fix it. I have ticketed this and it is not fixed...

Sorry for any spelling errors and the length.. just wanted to make these problems known.

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